AWS 宣佈 EC2-Classic 退役的計畫

AWS 宣佈了歷史悠久的 EC2-Classic 的退役計畫:「EC2-Classic is Retiring – Here’s How to Prepare」。

EC2-Classic 是 VPC 出來之前的產物,後來出現 VPC 的設計讓整個網路架構更有彈性,而且後來的新機種也都出在 VPC 上,EC2-Classic 算是歷史產物。

目前宣佈的幾個時間點,首先是 2013 年年底的帳號已經是 VPC-only,除非有另外開 support ticket 要求要有 EC2-Classic:

All AWS accounts created after December 4, 2013 are already VPC-only, unless EC2-Classic was enabled as a result of a support request.

接下來是今年的十月底,如果 AWS 帳號沒有使用 EC2-Classic 就會自動關閉 EC2-Classic 的權限,另外也會停止販售 EC2-Classic 的 RI:

On October 30, 2021 we will disable EC2-Classic in Regions for AWS accounts that have no active EC2-Classic resources in the Region, as listed below. We will also stop selling 1-year and 3-year Reserved Instances for EC2-Classic.

最後會希望在 2022 年八月中的時候全部轉移完:

On August 15, 2022 we expect all migrations to be complete, with no remaining EC2-Classic resources present in any AWS account.

看起來沒用完的 RI 會退錢?


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