Cloudflare 開始在正式環境用 ARM server 了

在「Designing Edge Servers with Arm CPUs to Deliver 57% More Performance Per Watt」這邊 Cloudflare 提到了他們在正式環境用 ARM 架構了:

Our first Arm CPU was deployed in production earlier this month — July 2021.


隔壁棚 AWS 上的 ARM 伺服器用起來也是香到不行,還沒有用過的可以試看看,至少我這台 blog & wiki 也都是跑在上面。

另外文章裡有提到目前 x86 的效能,新一代的 AMD 大概只比前一代多了 39% 的每瓦效能,但如果是把 ARM 拿進來比的話會到 57%:

Our most recently deployed generation of edge servers, Gen X, used AMD Rome CPUs. Compared with that, the newest Arm based CPUs process an incredible 57% more Internet requests per watt. While AMD has a sequel, Milan (and which Cloudflare will also be deploying), it doesn’t achieve the same degree of energy efficiency that the Arm processor does — managing only 39% more requests per watt than Rome CPUs in our existing fleet.

開始推上 production 後應該會愈換愈快,而且代表 Cloudflare 也會開始針對 ARM 平台最佳化。

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