AWS 宣佈 EBS io2 的新花樣 Block Express Volumes

看到「AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EBS io2 Block Express Volumes」這篇,在 EBSio2 上面又推出了新的花樣 Block Express Volumes:

Today AWS announced general availability of io2 Block Express volumes that deliver up to 4x higher throughput, IOPS, and capacity than io2 volumes, and are designed to deliver sub-millisecond latency and 99.999% durability.

要再提供更高的效能,在 R5b 的機種下,單個 volume 可以拉到 256k IOPS 與 4000MB/sec 的傳輸速度,以及在 well-tuned 的環境下 (應該是多個 volume) 可以拉到 260k IOPS (多一點點) 與 7500MB/sec (將近原來的兩倍) 的傳輸速度:

Using R5b instances customers can now provision a single io2 volume with up to 256,000 IOPS, 4000 MB/s of throughput, and storage capacity of 64 TiB.

R5b instances are well-suited to run business-critical and storage-intensive applications as they offer the highest EBS-optimized performance of up to 260,000 IOPS and 7,500 MB/s throughput.


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