Chromium 的 :has() 實做進展

前陣子在「Chromiu 看起來正在實做 CSS4 的 :has()」這邊提到了 Chromium:has() 實做,對應的票在「Issue 669058: CSS selectors Level 4: support :has()」這邊,不過看起來當時沒有實做完整,而且有測出問題:

The following css/selectors  web tests are failing on below platform:

css/selectors/has-basic.html - Failing on chrome/edge/firefox/safari/webkit
css/selectors/parsing/parse-has.html - Failing on chrome/edge/firefox/safari/webkit

昨天又看到新進度了:「Supports all ':has' relative argument cases」。

Supports all ':has' relative argument cases

Currently the relative selector is not supported yet, so this CL
provides the relative argument cases as follows.
 - :has(:scope > <complex-selector>)
 - :has(:scope ~ <complex-selector>)
 - :has(:scope + <complex-selector>)

看起來補上了之前沒實做的部份。更完整的討論過程可以參考 Gerrit 的「Supports all ':has' relative argument cases」這邊。



  • 💬 CSS 的 :has() 有新進展了

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