cURL 與 Travis CI 的事件

前幾天 Daniel Stenberg (cURL 的發明人與現在的維護者) 發表一篇從 Travis CI 搬出來的文章,換到 Zuul CICircle CI 上:「Bye bye Travis CI」,對應的 Hacker News 的討論可以在「Bye Bye Travis CI (」這邊翻到。

文章裡提到主要的兩個點是,Travis CI 當初有承諾會提供免費服務給 open source project:

今年的時候整個 Travis CI 的商業收費的機制改了,另外也嚴格增加了對 open source project 的限制,包括了你不能收到任何商業公司或是任何組織的贊助:

Project must not be sponsored by a commercial company or organization (monetary or with employees paid to work on the project)

另外 Daniel Stenberg 在文章裡也表明目前不打算付錢,要找市場上便宜可用的方案 (而目前看起來還有,至少 Zuul CI 與 Circle CI 都在選項內),所以就從 Travis CI 搬離了:

Lots of people have commented and think I’m “whining” about Travis CI charging for something that is useful and that I should rather just pay up. I could probably have gone with that but I dislike their broken promise and that they don’t consider us Open source anymore and I feel I have a responsibility to use the funds we get from gracious donors as wisely and economically as possible, and that includes using no-cost or cheap services rather than services charging thousands of dollars per year.

If there really were no other available and viable options, then paying could’ve been an alternative. Now, moving on to something else was the right choice for us.

然後 Travis CI 過了兩天丟出「Open Source Terms at Travis CI – An Update and Clarification」,雖然沒有表明是在講 cURL,但放在一起看其實也都大概知道發生什麼事情。

看了一下自己的小專案 (更新頻率不高,test case 也不多),丟 Circle CI 還算是夠用,另外自己也有弄個 GitLab,需要的時候也可以在上面跑 CI。

這邊另外看到 cURL 這種大型專案,因為 test case 數量很多,丟到不同的 CI vendor 上跑,看起來是個還不錯的架構...

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