AWS us-east-1 的 Local Zone 開了:波士頓、邁阿密與休士頓

AWS 開了 us-east-1 的 Local Zone 了,包括波士頓、邁阿密與休士頓:「AWS Local Zones Are Now Open in Boston, Miami, and Houston」。

Last December I told you about our plans to launch a total of fifteen AWS Local Zones in 2021, and also announced the preview of the Local Zones in Boston, Miami, and Houston. Today I am happy to announce that these three Local Zones are now ready to host your production workloads, joining the existing pair of Local Zones in Los Angeles.

The parent region for all three of these zones is US East (N. Virginia).

在「AWS Local Zones features」這邊可以看到 local zone 並不是所有服務都有,主要是提供 computing 能力,不過連 ELB 都沒有就有點...

不清楚是不是因為 us-east-1 真的很大,所以要透過 local zone 提供擴張... 這些區域對 us-east-1 北維吉尼亞的 latency 不算低,找機會玩一下確認 local zone 的情況好了...

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