CloudFront 的印度與亞太區降價

AWS 宣佈 CloudFront 在印度與亞太區降價:「Amazon CloudFront announces price cuts in India and Asia Pacific regions」,回朔至這個月月初生效:

Amazon CloudFront announces price cuts of up to 36% in India and up to 20% in the Asia Pacific region (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, & Thailand) for Regional Data Transfer Out to Internet rates. The new CloudFront prices in these regions are effective May 1st, 2021.

比了一下現在的「Amazon CloudFront Pricing」與 Internet Archive 上的「Amazon CloudFront Pricing」,看起來 First 10TB、Next 40TB、Next 100TB 與 Next 350TB 的部份都有降,更多的部份則是維持原價。

對一般簡單用的人來說,主要是落在 First 10TB 這個區間,亞太區的每 GB 單價從 USD$0.14 降到 USD$0.12,不無小補,而有夠大的量的單位應該都去談 commit & discount 了...

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