YAML 的問題 (挪威問題)

Hacker News 首頁上看到的,YAML 寫多的人都遇過類似的問題:「The Norway Problem - why StrictYAML refuses to do implicit typing and so should you」,對應的討論「The Norway Problem (hitchdev.com)」也可以看一下。

第一個「經典」是字串不需要包起來就很容易出事,這邊提到的例子是因為保留字而中槍,挪威的簡碼 NO 變成 False 了:

- GB
- IE
- FR
- DE
- NO
>>> from pyyaml import load
>>> load(the_configuration)
{'countries': ['GB', 'IE', 'FR', 'DE', False]}


python: 3.5.3
postgres: 9.3


first name: Christopher
surname: Null


作者另外提到的 StrictYAML 改變了 YAML 規格,我會看看就好,能用 JSON 也許還是會偏好先用 JSON,不是完全解決,但踩雷的機率會少很多。

用 vttest 測試 terminal 程式實做的相容性

看到「Wez's Terminal」,又一個用 GPU 加速的 terminal 專案,跑去翻一下 Hacker News 上的討論,意外的翻到有趣的東西:「Wezterm – A GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer (github.com/wez)」。


I just saw this and after a quick checkout of the latest release (which is what I can quickly install), I feel a bit disappointed. Here is yet another GPU-accelerated terminal that claims to be a VT500 (judging by its Device Attributes report), sets TERM to xterm-256color, while having holes in basic VT100 support (just ran VTTEST in it and saw glaring issues, need not look further than basic VT100 tests, TAB setting/resetting, cursor save/restore).

比較有趣的是裡面提到了 vttest 這套測試軟體可以測 terminal 的標準相容性,在 vttest 的官網上有提到可以測 VT100VT220VT520

Vttest tests the compatibility (demonstrates the non-compatibility) of so-called “VT100-compatible” terminals. In conformance of the good old hacker traditions, the only documentation of this program is the source code itself. To understand it, you also need a copy of the original VT100 manual from DEC.

Additional tests (past version 1.7) are provided for analysis of vt220 through vt520 terminals, as well as variants of xterm.

另外比較驚訝的是,terminal 下可以作到這樣的效果 (這邊看官方的截圖應該是 VT420?):

回到原來講標準相容性的問題,對於泡在 terminal 下的人來說超級重要,有工具可以測試幫助不少... vttest 這套程式在 Ubuntu 內可以直接裝來用:「Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- vttest」。

AWS 推出 CloudWatch Metric Streams

AWS 推出了 CloudWatch Metric Streams,把 CloudWatch Metric 的資料往 Kinesis Data Firehose 裡面丟:「CloudWatch Metric Streams – Send AWS Metrics to Partners and to Your Apps in Real Time」。

其中一個賣點是即時性比用 API 去拉好很多:

In order to make it easier for AWS Partners and others to gain access to CloudWatch metrics faster and at scale, we are launching CloudWatch Metric Streams. Instead of polling (which can result in 5 to 10 minutes of latency), metrics are delivered to a Kinesis Data Firehose stream.

格式上可以是 JSON 或是 Open Telemetry

When you set up a stream you choose between the binary Open Telemetry 0.7 format, and the human-readable JSON format.

另外一個賣點是價位,每千次 $0.003:

Pricing – You pay $0.003 for every 1000 metric updates, and for any charges associated with the Kinesis Data Firehose. To learn more, check out the pricing page.

另外算一下 Kinesis Data Firehose 的價錢,是以資料量的大小計費,不過最小計價單位是 5KB (一筆應該是不會到),單價是 $0.029/GB (us-east-1) 或是 $0.037/GB (ap-southeast-1),算了一下跟 CloudWatch Metrics Streams 比起來只是零頭...

之前如果要自己拉出來的話是透過 API call 抓,每 1000 次是 USD$0.01,這個方法相較起來便宜不少,不過數量多的時候還是一筆費用 (而且有不少 metrics 是一分鐘更新一次)。

如果只是要備份起來或是跑分析的話,也許先前用 API 拉的作法可能還是比較好?一個小時拉一次對於備份與分析應該都很夠了,而 alarm 的機制還是掛在 CloudWatch 上。

這次產品的定位看起來是要把 ecosystem 做起來:

We designed this feature with the goal of making it easier & more efficient for AWS Partners including Datadog, Dynatrace, New Relic, Splunk, and Sumo Logic to get access to metrics so that the partners can build even better tools.