EC2 的 Monitoring 提供更多關於限流的資訊

AWS 對於 EC2 的網路推出了五個新的監控指標:「Amazon EC2 announces new network performance metrics for EC2 instances」。


The new metrics inform customers in real time of network traffic impacted when instance allowances for inbound and outbound bandwidth, packets-per-second (PPS), connections tracked and PPS to link-local services are exceeded.

需要有最新的 ENA driver 才會提供 (看了一下現有的機器沒出現這些值 XD):

These metrics are available today in all global commercial AWS regions on instances running the latest version of the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) driver with support for Linux, Windows ENA driver support will be available soon with version


They can be accessed from within the instance at no extra cost using simple command line tools.

這個功能在所有 AWS 商業區以及 GovCloud (US) 都已經上線:

Instance Level Network Performance Metrics is available in all AWS Commercial and GovCloud (US) Regions, with the exception of China (Beijing) and China (Ningxia).


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