Amazon EBS 推出了 gp3

今年的 AWS re:Invent 又開始了,不過因為疫情的關係,這次是線上為主... 這邊先來整理一下 Amazon EBS 相關的更新。

首先是推出了新的 gp3 類型,也是 SSD 類:「New – Amazon EBS gp3 Volume Lets You Provision Performance Apart From Capacity」。

每 GB 單位成本比 gp2 低 20%:

Today I would like to tell you about gp3, a new type of SSD EBS volume that lets you provision performance independent of storage capacity, and offers a 20% lower price than existing gp2 volume types.

然後直接給你 3000 IOPS 與 125MB/sec,有需要更高的話可以「加購」:

gp3 is designed to provide predictable 3,000 IOPS baseline performance and 125 MiB/s regardless of volume size. It is ideal for applications that require high performance at a low cost such as MySQL, Cassandra, virtual desktops and Hadoop analytics. Customers looking for higher performance can scale up to 16,000 IOPS and 1,000 MiB/s for an additional fee. The top performance of gp3 is 4 times faster than max throughput of gp2 volumes.

但照「Amazon EBS volume types」這邊的列表可以看到,要注意 gp2 可以 burst 的 throughput (250MB/sec) 比 gp3 的 baseline (125MB/sec) 高。

也因為這樣,可以把一些 random access 比較多的 /data 這類的 EBS 換過去,但如果是要大量 sequential access 的也許就不適合了。

IOPS 的部份,1TB 以下的 gp2 換過去應該是沒什麼太大問題,因為在 gp2 的時候是 1GB 給 3IOPS,所以 1TB 以下的 gp2 都低於 3000IOPS。

轉移的部份可以在 AWS 的 console 上直接 migrate 到 gp3

If you’re currently using gp2, you can easily migrate your EBS volumes to gp3 using Amazon EBS Elastic Volumes, an existing feature of Amazon EBS. Elastic Volumes allows you to modify the volume type, IOPS, and throughput of your existing EBS volumes without interrupting your Amazon EC2 instances.


但照「Amazon EBS volume types」這邊的列表,gp3 可以是開機硬碟,但是改不過去啊 XDDD


不知道哪邊搞錯了,過幾天看看吧 XDDD

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