Internet Archive 的 Flash 收藏

剛剛看到 Internet Archive 的這篇文章:「Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive」。

Internet Archive 把模擬器掛上去了,所以你可以直接在網站上用這些 Flash 程式:

Great news for everyone concerned about the Flash end of life planned for end of 2020: The Internet Archive is now emulating Flash animations, games and toys in our software collection.

看起來是透過 ruffle + WebAssembly 轉到瀏覽器上面跑:

Utilizing an in-development Flash emulator called Ruffle, we have added Flash support to the Internet Archive’s Emularity system, letting a subset of Flash items play in the browser as if you had a Flash plugin installed. While Ruffle’s compatibility with Flash is less than 100%, it will play a very large portion of historical Flash animation in the browser, at both a smooth and accurate rate.

You will not need to have a flash plugin installed, and the system works in all browsers that support Webassembly.

然後在「Software Library: Flash Showcase」這邊有一些 showcase 可以看,基本上就是測過沒問題的。另外在「Software Library: Flash」看起來就是整包了...

搜了一下以前有在玩的 Zookeeper,好像沒有在裡面...

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