Debian 資助 PeerTube 發展

看到「Debian donation for Peertube development」這則消息,Debian 決定資助 10K 歐元提供給 PeerTube 發展。

不過更大的幫助應該是 PR 上的部份,這帶出來的曝光度以及「認可」的部份比 10K 歐元重要的多。

回到 Debian 決定資助的原因,是因為 DebConf20 需要一個非封閉式平台的直播架構,而 PeerTube 看起來很適合這個情境:

This year's iteration of the Debian annual conference, DebConf20, had to be held online, and while being a resounding success, it made clear to the project our need to have a permanent live streaming infrastructure for small events held by local Debian groups. As such, Peertube, a FLOSS video hosting platform, seems to be the perfect solution for us.

前幾天在「有風聲說司法部會把 Chrome 拆出 Google」這邊有提到 YouTube 很難取代的問題,這個算是其中的一個方向,試著在解決平台壟斷的問題...

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