RDS 推出 ARM 版本

Amazon RDS 推出了 ARM 的版本:「New – Amazon RDS on Graviton2 Processors」,包含了 MySQLMariaDBPostgreSQL 的版本都有支援,不過看起來需要比較新版的才能用:

You can choose between M6g and R6g instance families and three database engines (MySQL 8.0.17 and higher, MariaDB 10.4.13 and higher, and PostgreSQL 12.3 and higher).

官方宣稱可以提供 35% 的效能提昇,考慮費用的部份會有 52% 的 c/p 值提昇:

Graviton2 instances provide up to 35% performance improvement and up to 52% price-performance improvement for RDS open source databases, based on internal testing of workloads with varying characteristics of compute and memory requirements.

對於 RDS 這種純粹就是個服務的應用來說,感覺應該不會有什麼轉移成本,只要測過沒問題,換過去等於就是現賺的。看起來等 RI 約滿了就可以切...

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