看到篇有趣的介紹,在講 DuckDB:「DuckDB」。

[I]t uses the PostgreSQL parser but models itself after SQLite in that databases are a single file and the code is designed for use as an embedded library, distributed in a single amalgamation C++ file (SQLite uses a C amalgamation).

看起來是個以 OLAP 為中心而設計出來的資料庫,然後在 Python 下可以直接透過 pip 裝起來。

看起來像是個用單機拼 throughput 的東西,但提供大家熟悉的界面。

Hacker News 上可以看到「DuckDB – An embeddable SQL database like SQLite, but supports Postgres features (」這邊給了不少方向,

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