CloudFront 宣佈支援 Brotli

CloudFront 宣佈支援 Brotli:「Amazon CloudFront announces support for Brotli compression」。

官方的說明發現 Gzip 可以好 24%:

CloudFront's Brotli edge compression delivers up to 24% smaller file sizes as compared to Gzip.

Akamai 在「Understanding Brotli's Potential」這邊提到的測試數字稍微做了分類,可以看到在 html 下 Brotli 帶來的改善是最多的。

以前在 CloudFront 上還是可以支援 Brotli,主要是透過後端支援 Brotli 的方式傳回不同的資料,再加上 Vary: Accept-Encoding 的設定讓 CloudFront 針對不同的 Accept-Encoding 分開 cache。

這次的支援等於是讓 CloudFront 理解 Brotli,就可以提昇 hit rate 並且降低後端的壓力:

Prior to today, you could enable Brotli compression at the origin by whitelisting the 'Accept-Encoding' header. Now CloudFront includes 'br' in the normalized 'Accept-Encoding' header before forwarding it to your origin. You no longer need to whitelist the 'Accept-Encoding' header to enable Brotli origin compression, improving your overall cache hit ratio. Additionally, if your origin sends uncompressed content to CloudFront, CloudFront can now automatically compress cacheable responses at the edge using Brotli.


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