AWS Global Accelerator 的 TCP 協定

AWS Global Accelerator 是讓使用者先連到最近的 AWS 節點,再透過 AWS 的骨幹網路連到服務上 (可以參考之前寫的「AWS 推出 Global Accelerator,用 AWS 的網路加速」這篇),當時就有說支援 TCP 與 UDP,但剛剛看到「AWS Global Accelerator launches TCP Termination at the Edge」這篇的時候才注意到,本來的產品是把 TCP 封包當作 UDP 在處理,也就是 TCP 3-way handshake 還是要到服務節點本身處理。

現在這個 TCP Termination 的功能則是先在最近的節點上建立 TCP 連線,然後同時往後端的建立連線接起來:

Typically, a TCP connection is established by using a three-way handshake (that is, three messages) between the client on the internet and the application endpoint in the AWS Region. So the farther away the client is from the endpoint, the longer the initial connection setup takes. With TCP termination at the edge, Global Accelerator reduces initial setup time by establishing a TCP connection between the client and the AWS edge location closest to the client. At nearly the same time, Global Accelerator creates a second TCP connection between the edge location and the application endpoint in the AWS Region. With this process, the client gets a faster response from the Global Accelerator edge location, and the connection from the edge location to the application endpoint in the Region is optimized to run over the AWS global network.

這樣連線的速度就會更快,但有可能會有前面建起來但後面建不起來的情況需要處理,一般的應用程式應該還好,畢竟地球上有個 GFW 也常幹這種事情...

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