Facebook 提供 Public NTP Service

在「Building a more accurate time service at Facebook scale」這邊 Facebook 講了不少跟 NTP 有關的東西,不過重點在他們提供 Public NTP service:

Having five independent geographically distributed endpoints helps us provide better service — even in the event of a network path failure. So we provide five endpoints:

  • time1.facebook.com
  • time2.facebook.com
  • time3.facebook.com
  • time4.facebook.com
  • time5.facebook.com

Each of these endpoints terminates in a different geographic location, which has a positive effect on both reliability and time precision.

看起來是混了 anycast 進去,從台灣 (HiNet) 走的話,time1.facebook.com 會到東京,time2.facebook.com 到大阪 (難得在 traceroute 上看到 ITM 這個代碼,代表 伊丹機場),time3.facebook.com 則是台灣,time4.facebook.com 到香港,time5.facebook.com 好像是馬來西亞?看 latency 與 maa 這個詞... (Update:應該是清奈國際機場)

可以考慮看看,另外 Google Public NTP 也是個選項。

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