Android 上的 Firefox 可以安裝 uBlock Origin 了

Update:我寫的這篇標題與內容是錯的,請參考 comment 提到的說明。

在桌機上擋廣告的神器 uBlock Origin 總算是要被移植到 AndroidFirefox 上了:「uBlock Origin available soon in new Firefox for Android Nightly」。

In the next few weeks, uBlock Origin will be the first add-on to become available in the new Firefox for Android. It is currently available on Firefox Preview Nightly and will soon be available on Firefox for Android Nightly.


One thought on “Android 上的 Firefox 可以安裝 uBlock Origin 了”

  1. anon says:

    你應該是打錯了,原文是在講下一代的 Firefox for Android (firefox preview)。現在的 Firefox for Android 支援 extension 很久了(包含 ublock origin)。

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