pipenv 的凋零與替代方案 poetry

看到「If this project is dead, just tell us」這個,裡面討論到了 pipenv 的前景愈來愈讓人疑惑,要官方給個意見,結果下面就馬上有人建議跳槽到 poetry

剛好前陣子看到另外一篇文章「My Python Development Environment, 2020 Edition」,裡面也提到了他把 pipenv 換成 poetry,而且提到了 pipenv 的問題:

pipenv → poetry. This move’s more complex. I stoped using Pipenv for a couple of reasons:

  • Governance: the lead of Pipenv was someone with a history of not treating his collaborators well. That gave me some serious concerns about the future of the project, and of my ability to get bugs fixed.
  • Bugs and rapid API changes. About a year ago, Pipenv had lots of bugs, and a rapid pace of change introducing or changing APIs. I ran into minor issues at least once a week. Nothing was seriously bad, but it generally felt fairly unstable. I kept having to update various automated deploy workflows to work around issues or changes to Pipenv.

看起來 tech stack 裡面要把 pipenv 轉移抽離了...

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