cdnjs 轉移到 Cloudflare 負責維護

不確定是 cdnjs 還是 CDNJS,因為官方網站是小寫,但 GitHub 上是大寫...

Anyway,cdnjs 本來由社群維護更新 (實際上是透過 bot 更新,但 bot 本身也需要維護),因為人力時間的因素,轉移給 Cloudflare 負責了:「An Update on CDNJS」。

這次也更新了 cdnjs 的 daily request 數量,可以看到現在大約是每天六十億次:

本來 Cloudflare 是站在贊助頻寬的角色提供服務:

Within Cloudflare’s infrastructure there is a set of machines which are responsible for pulling the latest version of the repo periodically. Those machines then become the origin for, with Cloudflare’s Global Load Balancer automatically handling failures. Cloudflare’s cache automatically stores copies of many of the projects making it possible for us to deliver them quickly from all 195 of our data centers.

但更新的 bot 本身掛了,而且維護者沒時間修:

Unfortunately approximately thirty days ago one of those bots stopped working, preventing updated projects from appearing in CDNJS. The bot's open-source maintainer was not able to invest the time necessary to keep the bot running. After several weeks we were asked by the community and the CDNJS founders to take over maintenance of the CDNJS repo itself.

所以現在則是 Cloudflare 接手維護了:

This means the Cloudflare engineering team is taking responsibility for keeping the contents of up to date, in addition to ensuring it is correctly served on

不過裡面也提到了一個問題,就是現在瀏覽器為了安全性,對於不同的站台會有不同的 cache,本來 cdnjs 的設計目的之一被大幅削弱,現在只剩下省頻寬了:

The future value of CDNJS is now in doubt, as web browsers are beginning to use a separate cache for every website you visit. It is currently used on such a wide swath of the web, however, it is unlikely it will be disappearing any time soon.

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