Amazon EC2 推出了新一代的 ARM 系統

Amazon EC2 推出了新一代的 ARM 系統:「Coming Soon – Graviton2-Powered General Purpose, Compute-Optimized, & Memory-Optimized EC2 Instances」。

目前的 a1 系列最大到 32GB RAM,這次推出來的算是比較大台的機器,而且與 x86-64 架構相同,分化成 m/c/r 系列了:

  • General Purpose (M6g and M6gd) – 1-64 vCPUs and up to 256 GiB of memory.
  • Compute-Optimized (C6g and C6gd) – 1-64 vCPUs and up to 128 GiB of memory.
  • Memory-Optimized (R6g and R6gd) – 1-64 vCPUs and up to 512 GiB of memory.

預定是 2020 年推出:

I will have more information to share with you in 2020.

不過如果目前想要玩的話,可以找 AWS 申請 m6g 的機器先測試看看:

M6g Preview
We are now running a preview of the M6g instances for testing on non-production workloads; if you are interested, please contact us.


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