AWS 官方推出 WordPress 整合套件

AWS 自己推出了跟 WordPress 的整合套件:「Accelerating WordPress with CloudFront using the AWS for WordPress Plugin」、「AWS for WordPress plugin now available and with new Amazon CloudFront workflow」。

這次的套件主要是將 Amazon CloudFront 整合進 WordPress:

Amazon Web Services announces the general availability of the AWS for WordPress plugin. Previously known as the Amazon Polly and Amazon AI plugin, the new AWS for WordPress plugin now provides a workflow to configure an Amazon CloudFront distribution that is highly optimized for WordPress websites.

如果想要都控制在自己手上,AWS 算是提供了一個官方的方案,也應該有一定的支援。不過大多數人還是會拿 Cloudflare 的免費方案吧...

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