Perl 6 的名字被拿出來談...

在「Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?」這邊看到提到 Perl 6 名字的問題,主要是因為 Perl 6 跟現有 Perl 5 已經是不同的東西 (有點類似於當初 Python 2 到 Python 3 的計畫,但是差異比 Python 那邊多很多),而導致被提出來討論是否還要繼續使用 Perl 這個名字了:「"Perl" in the name "Perl 6" is confusing and irritating」。

When Perl 6 was announced, it was seen the way that Perl 2, Perl 3, Perl 4, and Perl 5 were seen: replacements for "$VERSION - 1". Over time, it became clear that though Perl 6 was in the same family as Perl 5, a straightforward migration path was unlikely. One only needs to look at the problems with Python 2 and Python 3 and the upgrade obstacles with their minor syntactic differences to understand that an upgrade from Perl 5 to Perl 6 isn't trivial.

如果把 Perl 5 與 Perl 6 當作不同的程式語言來看,這個問題就變成非技術性的問題了 (甚至是政治問題)。


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