FTC 找了七家 ISP 業者要研究隱私問題...

FTC 要研究 ISP 手上有哪些客戶的資料,然後提供給誰:「FTC Seeks to Examine the Privacy Practices of Broadband Providers」。

The Federal Trade Commission issued orders to seven U.S. Internet broadband providers and related entities seeking information the agency will use to examine how broadband companies collect, retain, use, and disclose information about consumers and their devices.

包括了這七家,裡面的六家都算大業者,被 FTC 納入不算意外,第七家包括了 Google Fiber Inc.,到時候不知道會有什麼資訊出來:

The orders were sent to: AT&T Inc., AT&T Mobility LLC, Comcast Cable Communications doing business as Xfinity, Google Fiber Inc., T-Mobile US Inc., Verizon Communications Inc., and Cellco Partnership doing business as Verizon Wireless.

看了一下 PDF,應該是 45 天後要回覆,加上整理的時間,應該是下半年會看到一些整理?

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