Nuzzel 賣給 Scroll

Nuzzel 是一個可以提供你會有興趣的文章的服務,不過因為他使用的演算法比較簡單的關係 (列出追隨者的的追隨者有出現哪些文章),其實同溫層現象 (Echo chamber 或是 Filter bubble) 還濃的。但畢竟就取得資訊來說是個還可以的地方,就一直有在使用...

而剛剛看到 Nuzzel 被 Scroll 買下的消息,而原來團隊的大老就直接脫手了:「News aggregator Nuzzel sold to subscription service Scroll」。

Nuzzel founder and CEO Jonathan Abrams and COO Kent Lindstrom are leaving the company, Scroll CEO Tony Haile told VentureBeat.

Haile will oversee Nuzzel’s operations going forward, and he intends to keep the service independent. “Our first priority is not to screw that up,” he told VentureBeat. “If you like the email digest, you’ll still get the email digest. If you love the app, it will still give you the best discovery experience around.”

看起來不太妙... 又要找替代方案了嗎 :o

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