TiDB 單機效能

TiDB 是一個支援分散式運算的資料庫,希望能夠完整地模擬 MySQL Protocol,而 Percona 試著測試 TiDB 在單機的效能,雖然測試的項目很簡單,但結果頗有趣的:「A Quick Look into TiDB Performance on a Single Server」。

Percona 觀察到的現象是 TiDB 對於單一 SQL query 支援多 CPU 運算 (MySQL 只會使用單 CPU),所以在高階的機器上,某些 SQL query 會快很多。而 OLAP 類型的 SQL query 也不錯,但常見的 OLTP 應用則慢不少:

Short version: TiDB supports parallel query execution for selects and can utilize many more CPU cores – MySQL is limited to a single CPU core for a single select query. For the higher-end hardware – ec2 instances in my case – TiDB can be 3-4 times faster for complex select queries (OLAP workload) which do not use, or benefit from, indexes. At the same time point selects and writes, especially inserts, can be 5x-10x slower. Again, please note that this test was on a single server, with a single TiKV process.

是個有趣的 drop-in...

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