HTTP Archive 分析 CDN 的使用情況...

Twitter 上看到 HTTP Archive 分析各家 CDN 的使用情況,給了一個蠻意外的結果,可以看到 Cloudflare 的佔比相當高:

進去看一下分析的方式,是拿 Google Chrome 提供的資料來再進一步分析:

As of December 15th 2018, the HTTP Archive is crawling the full list of desktop origins from the Chrome User Experience (CrUX) Report for the desktop crawls (mobile will be added as of January 1, 2019). The URL list used is the latest available at the time of the crawl (November 2018 in this case).

這應該是出自「Chrome User Experience Report」這邊:

The Chrome User Experience Report is powered by real user measurement of key user experience metrics across the public web, aggregated from users who have opted-in to syncing their browsing history, have not set up a Sync passphrase, and have usage statistic reporting enabled.

由於有條件限制,可以預期會有偏差,不過以目前 Google Chrome 的市占率來說,應該是有意義的資料。而這份資料跑出來的數據看到 Cloudflare 的影響力遠遠超過其他 CDN 讓人頗意外...

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