24 Core 的 ARM Server...

在「Banana Pi to Launch a 24-Core Arm Server」這邊看到 Banana Pi 打算推出 24 core 的 ARM server...


We have 24-core Arm Cortex A53 processor with 32GB RAM (29.4GB seen by the OS) running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with MATE desktop. There aren’t that many 24-core Arm Cortex A53 processors, so unless the company is using an announced processor, it has to be SocioNext SC2A11 processor also found in Linaro Developer Box.

拿來當 desktop 好像也不錯,不知道最終的定價會是多少...

One thought on “24 Core 的 ARM Server...”

  1. Date Huang says:

    這顆cpu聽說沒有arm server ready,所以可能會用起來像是很猛的開發版而已,而非arm server

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