CloudFront 十週年、在東京的第十個 PoP,以及支援 WebSocket 與 Origin Failover

CloudFront 宣佈十年了,另外這次在東京又加節點了,變成 10 個:「Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Amazon CloudFront by launching six new Edge locations」。

另外宣佈支援 WebSocket:「Amazon CloudFront announces support for the WebSocket protocol」,以及支援 Origin Failover:「Amazon CloudFront announces support for Origin Failover」。

WebSocket 算是大家等蠻久的功能,大家主要是希望利用 CloudFront 擋 DDoS,正常流量才往後丟。而 Origin Failover 則是可以設定兩個 Origin,當主要的掛掉時可以切到備用的,對於支援多節點的架構算是第一步 (目前看起來只能設兩個):

With CloudFront’s Origin Failover capability, you can setup two origins for your distributions - primary and secondary, such that your content is served from your secondary origin if CloudFront detects that your primary origin is unavailable.

都是隔壁棚 Cloudflare 支援許久的功能... 算是補產品線與進度?

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