Amazon Aurora 支援 Parallel Query 加速

Amazon Aurora 推出了 Parallel Query,可以加速計算速度:「New – Parallel Query for Amazon Aurora」。原理是利用 Aurora 把 storage 層打散的前提,所以有機會透過螞蟻雄兵處理:

官方給的範例可以連到原文去看,可以看到有打開 aurora_pq 與沒打開的效能差異:

15 rows in set (1 min 53.36 sec)
15 rows in set (1 hour 25 min 51.89 sec)

打開後大約是原來的 1/45 時間,提昇超多...

不過還是有些限制,我最在意的就是目前只支援相容於 MySQL 5.6 的版本 (居然不是先支援 5.7):

Engine Support – We are launching with support for MySQL 5.6, and are working on support for MySQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL.

然後沒有多餘費用,只是 i/o cost 可能會增加:

Cost – You can make use of Parallel Query at no extra charge. However, because it makes direct access to storage, there is a possibility that your IO cost will increase.

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