S3 Select 宣佈支援 Parquet 與 bzip2

Amazon S3S3 Select 宣佈支援 Parquet 格式:「Amazon S3 Announces New Features for S3 Select」。

本來 S3 Select 就已經支援 CSV 與 JSON 格式,大多數的引擎也都可以直接吃,這次宣佈支援 JSON Arrays,以及 Parquet 格式:

Today, Amazon S3 Select works on objects stored in CSV and JSON format. Based on customer feedback, we’re happy to announce S3 Select support for Apache Parquet format, JSON Arrays, and BZIP2 compression for CSV and JSON objects. We are also adding support for CloudWatch Metrics for S3 Select, which lets you monitor S3 Select usage for your applications.

另外一個上面也有提到的是宣佈支援 bzip2 格式,不知道有沒有打算支援壓縮率更好的其他格式...

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