MySQL 裡 performance_schema 對效能的影響

最近在弄 MySQLperforemance_schema,開起來後發現效能影響沒有很大,跟印象中不太一樣... 找了一下文章發現 Percona 在 2017 年年初時有針對效能測試過:「Performance Schema Benchmarks: OLTP RW」。重點在這張圖:

圖上可以看到 Default 其實對效能的影響有限,另外文章也整理出來,有哪些設定對效能影響不會太大,可以考慮平常就開著:

Using Performance Schema with the default options, Memory, Metadata Locks and Statements instrumentation doesn’t have a great impact on read-write workload performance. You might notice slowdowns with Stages instrumentation after reaching 32 actively running parallel connections. The real performance killer is Waits instrumentation. And even with it on, you will start to notice a performance drop only after 10,000 transactions per second.

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