Amazon EC2 推出 C5d instance:對 CPU 與 Disk 最佳化

AWS 推出了 C5d instance,同時針對 CPU 與 Disk 最佳化的機種:「EC2 Instance Update – C5 Instances with Local NVMe Storage (C5d)」。可以看出是在本地端掛上 NVMe 的方式在租用,價錢也不算高:

以帶了一個 local NVMe 的規劃來看,像是補 c3 系列產品線的感覺:

然後不是每個有 c5 的區域都會有 c5d,目前只有五區有:

C5d instances are available in On-Demand, Reserved Instance, and Spot form in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), US East (Ohio), and Canada (Central) Regions. Prices vary by Region, and are just a bit higher than for the equivalent C5 instances.

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