Stripe 將 Redis 單機版轉到 Cluster 版本上降低了錯誤率

在「Scaling a High-traffic Rate Limiting Stack With Redis Cluster」這邊提到了 StripeRedis 單機版轉移到 10 個節點的 cluster 版本,然後錯誤率大幅下降:

Stripe’s rate limiters are built on top of Redis, and until recently, they ran on a single very hot instance of Redis. The server had followers in place for failover, but at any given time, one node was handling every operation.

We eventually solved it by migrating to a 10-node Redis Cluster.

另外也可以看出來,在轉移到 cluster 版本後有不少要注意的,像是因為 sharding 而需要調整平衡性。另外是 cluster 模式下寫入的 confirmation 跟一般預期的不太一樣,不過這對於 rate limit 的應用還好,可以接受某種程度的掉資料...

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