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第一眼在「Introducing the AWS Instance Scheduler」看到「AWS Instance Scheduler」的描述時,跟之前推出的 Scheduled Reserved Instances 搞混...

The AWS Instance Scheduler is a solution that enables customers to easily configure custom start and stop schedules for their Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances. The solution is easy to deploy and can help reduce operational costs for both development and production environments. Customers who use this solution to run instances during regular business hours can save up to 70% compared to running those instances 24 hours a day.

以這張圖來說就更清楚,AWS Instance Scheduler 就是指定時間,定時幫你開關機的服務:

而我搞混的 Scheduled Reserved Instances 是買某個時段的 RI,是作帳議題。不過兩個看起來就很適合搭在一起用...

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