Intel CPU + AMD GPU 合一的的系統

先前就有看到 Intel 要與 AMD 合作,將 Intel CPU + AMD GPU 整合在一起以對抗 Nvidia,現在看到 HP 推出對應的筆電了:「HP’s new 15-inch Spectre x360 uses the hybrid Intel/AMD processor」。

不過名字剛好跟最近的安全漏洞撞到了 XDDD (所以才想寫 XDDD)

The new Spectre x360 15 is one of the first systems to be announced that uses the new Kaby Lake-G processors from Intel. These processors combine an Intel CPU (with its own integrated GPU) with an AMD GPU, all within a single package.

出自「Kaby Lake-G unveiled: Intel CPU, AMD GPU, Nvidia-beating performance」。

這種合作的仗打不打的動呢... 不怎麼看好就是了 :o

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