AWS 提昇了 Amazon EBS 能提供的效能上限

AWS 宣佈 Amazon EBS 可以提供的效能往上提高了 (這邊講的是 Provisioned IOPS SSD,代號 io1):「Amazon EBS Improves Performance for io1 Volumes」。

單一 volume 的 IOPS 從 20K 變成 32K,thoughput 從 320MB/sec 變成 500MB/sec:

Today we are announcing an improvement in performance of Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) Volumes from 20,000 IOPS to 32,000 IOPS and from 320 MB/s to 500 MB/s of throughput per volume.

應該是科技的進步帶動的 XD

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