Hashcat 的 Rule

在「基于统计学的Hashcat密码生成规则:Hob0Rules」這邊看到的專案,雖然有點久了:「Password cracking rules for Hashcat based on statistics and industry patterns」。

裡面有兩個 rule file,hob064.rule 比較簡單:

hob064 This ruleset contains 64 of the most frequent password patterns used to crack passwords. Need a hash cracked quickly to move on to more testing? Use this list.

d3adhob0.rule 比較多,也比較完整:

d3adhob0 This ruleset is much more extensive and utilizes many common password structure ideas seen across every industry. Looking to spend several hours to crack many more hashes? Use this list.

記錄起來以後應該用的到 XD

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