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作者寫了一篇「Creating Rust-based NodeJS modules」講同樣演算法 Node.js 要跑 3.5 秒,Rust 只要跑 130ms,所以 Rust 很棒棒之類的...

So about 3.5 seconds for an answer, in web time that is like an eternity. Our algorithm is a very straight forward one, basically just a filter on a large array.

The exact same algorithm, with the exact same CSV and coordinates is now executing in about 130ms.


這讓我想到之前在「看到 zmx 貼了之前的連結,更確信 Uber 的問題不是技術問題了...」這篇提到的文章「Unwinding Uber’s Most Efficient Service」:

很想講「傻逼你先把演算法修好再來怪 Node.js 慢」,程式會愈來愈難維護都是你們這種人引入一堆複雜的東西 -_-

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