AWS 推出「VMware Cloud on AWS」

AWS 推出了「VMware Cloud on AWS」服務:「VMware Cloud on AWS – Now Available」。

由圖可以看出來 AWS 的架構與 VMware 其實是獨立的,只是在網路層上打通:

文字上可以看到更細的敘述,跟 AWS 的架構很不一樣:

This offering is sold, delivered, supported, and billed by VMware. It supports custom-sized VMs, runs any OS that is supported by VMware, and makes use of single-tenant bare-metal AWS infrastructure so that you can bring your Windows Server licenses to the cloud. Each SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) consists of 4 to 16 instances, each with 36 cores, 512 GB of memory, and 15.2 TB of NVMe storage. Clusters currently run in a single AWS Availability Zone (AZ) with support in the works for clusters that span AZs. You can spin up an entire VMware SDDC in a couple of hours, and scale host capacity up and down in minutes.

網路層也不同,甚至支援 multicase:

The NSX networking platform (powered by the AWS Elastic Networking Adapter running at up to 25 Gbps) supports multicast traffic, separate networks for management and compute, and IPSec VPN tunnels to on-premises firewalls, routers, and so forth.

目前只有在 us-west-2 可以用:

This service is initially available in the US West (Oregon) region through VMware and members of the VMware Partner Network.

這樣感覺用 AWS Direct Connect 就可以解不少問題,這個合作的幫助不太大... XD

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