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前陣子 AlphaGo 大獲全勝後放出了五十盤自戰棋譜 (兩台 AlphaGo 自己下),其實有件事情有點出乎大家意料,而在圍棋界被一直討論。就是在這五十盤裡,黑棋與白棋的勝率比是 12:38 (中國規則,黑棋貼 7.5 目的情況),明顯白棋有強大的優勢。

這個 7.5 目指的是,由於黑棋先下 (先手優勢),所以圍的地會比較多,為了彌補白棋後下的這個缺點,一般都會設計「貼目」這個規則。

交大資工的 CGI 團隊在上個月月底發了一篇論文 (參考「CGOS Whole Period Ratings for 19x19 Board」這邊的記錄,在有參加 CGOS 的團隊裡只輸新版的 Zen),討論 value network 的新想法:「Multi-Labelled Value Networks for Computer Go」。


For the training data, we label on output 𝑣𝑘 as follows. For each self-play game, first calculate territory difference 𝑛 at the end of the game. Then, based on the Chinese rule, label 1 (win) on 𝑣𝑘 for all 𝑘 < 𝑛, and -1 (lose) for all 𝑘 > 𝑛. (Note that the draw case 𝑘 = 𝑛 is ignored in this paper since the komi is not an integer normally.) For example, if black occupies 7 more points of territory than white, the 𝑘-komi game is considered a win for all 𝑘 < 7, and a loss for all 𝑘 > 7. Thus, in this case, a 7.5-komi game is a loss, and a 6.5-komi or 0.5-komi game is a win.

這個研究完全顛覆了目前職業棋手一般的理解。目前的理解是,貼 5.5 目是黑棋優勢,貼 7.5 目是白棋優勢 (所謂的大貼目時代)。


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