Amazon EC2 要推出 x1e.32xlarge,4TB RAM 的機器

剛剛 Amazon EC2 公佈的消息,要再推出記憶體大怪物機器 x1e.32xlarge:「EC2 In-Memory Processing Update: Instances with 4 to 16 TB of Memory + Scale-Out SAP HANA to 34 TB」。

Later this year we plan to make the x1e.32xlarge instances available in several AWS regions, in both On-Demand and Reserved Instance form. These instances will offer 4 TB of DDR4 memory (twice as much as the x1.32xlarge), 128 vCPUs (four 2.3 GHz Intel® Xeon® E7 8880 v3 processors), high memory bandwidth, and large L3 caches.

雖然都是拿 SAP 來舉例,但這也是當系統碰到瓶頸時搶時間的方法 (也就是當 happy problem 發生時的 workaround)。

不知道這種機器實際買起來多少錢 XDDD

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