AlphaGo 又要重出江湖了

DeepMind 家的 AlphaGo 又要重出江湖了:「Exploring the mysteries of Go with AlphaGo and China's top players」。這次將會跟中國的頂尖職業棋手對弈,裡面提到三種賽制:

The summit will feature a variety of game formats involving AlphaGo and top Chinese players, specifically designed to explore the mysteries of the game together. The games will include:

  • “Pair Go” — A game where one Chinese pro will play against another...except they will both have their own AlphaGo teammate, alternating moves, to take the concept of ‘learning together’ quite literally.
  • “Team Go” — A game between AlphaGo and a five-player team consisting of China’s top pro players, working together to test AlphaGo’s creativity and adaptability to their combined style.
  • “Ke Jie vs AlphaGo” — Of course, the centerpiece of the event will be a classic 1:1 match of three games between AlphaGo and the world’s number one player, Ke Jie, to push AlphaGo to (...perhaps beyond!) its limits.

有傳言是這樣打 (目前大家都抄來抄去...),但目前還沒看到正式的公告:

(一)5月23,25,27日 柯潔與AlphaGo三番棋:每方3小時,5次1分鐘讀秒;
(二)5月26日 時越、羋昱廷、唐韋星、陳耀燁和周睿羊5人團隊賽:每方2小時30分,保留3次1分鐘讀秒;
(三)5月26日 古力、連笑人機配對賽:每方1小時,1次1分鐘讀秒。

另外有一篇「Innovations of AlphaGo」講了不少年初 AlphaGo 連勝六十盤的對局給人類棋手的啟發。

另外 DeepMind 的 CEO,Demis Hassabis 前幾天剛好有給了一個演講,也是講了不少東西 (不過都是之前就提過的):


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