ScyllaDB 1.7 要支援 Cassandra 的 Counter 了

Counter 是 Cassandra 裡一個特別的資料型態,總算是要 porting 進 ScyllaDB 了:「Scylla 1.7 introduces experimental support for counters」。


  • once deleted, counter column value cannot be used again—this is a consequence of the fact that counters can only be incremented or decremented, they cannot be set to any specific value
  • a table cannot contain both counter and regular columns—without this limitation it wouldn’t be possible to provide proper atomicity and isolation guarantees for updates that modify both counters and regular columns in a single row
  • counter columns cannot be members of primary key
  • updates are not idempotent – in case of a write failure the client cannot safely retry the request
    counter columns cannot have time-to-live set

跟 Cassandra 一樣是透過 CRDT 實做的,行為上會是 eventually consistency:

Scylla implements counters using state-based conflict-free replicated data types (CRDT), which allow atomic operations, like increment or decrement, to be performed locally without the need for synchronization between nodes.

在「Scylla Status and Roadmap」這邊可以看到其他會在 1.7 出現的功能。

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