YouTube 開始與內容商合作,推出 YouTube TV 服務

YouTube 推出 YouTube TV 服務:「Finally, live TV made for you」。


Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks.



A cloud DVR, with no storage limits.


A service that works great on all your screens.

價錢也只有目前常態性的一半 (相較於買比較完整的 cable 方案),USD$35/month,而且不用簽長期合約:

Half the cost of cable with zero commitments. A YouTube TV membership is only $35 a month and there are no commitments—you can cancel anytime.

這的確有殺傷性了... 加上 YouTube 的需求所累積的頻寬,應該會比起 Netflix 當時遇到的問題少?

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