Google Cloud Platform 的機器與服務也支援 GPU 了...

Google 宣佈在 GCP 上的機器與服務支援 GPU 運算了:「GPUs are now available for Google Compute Engine and Cloud Machine Learning」。

算是 beta 階段,用的是 NVIDIA Tesla K80

Google Cloud Platform gets a performance boost today with the much anticipated public beta of NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs.

然後台灣的 asia-east1 也在內。第一波必須透過 cli 操作,之後才會在 web console 上加上去:

You can now spin up NVIDIA GPU-based VMs in three GCP regions: us-east1, asia-east1 and europe-west1, using the gcloud command-line tool. Support for creating GPU VMs using the Cloud Console appears next week.

也開始支援 GPU 了...

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