EBS 有動態長大的功能了...

Amazon EBS 可以動態增加大小了,是個對不少人還蠻方便的功能:「Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) Enables Live Volume Modifications with Elastic Volumes」。

這邊講的沒有 downtime 當然還是得需要 filesystem 支援:

Today we are introducing the Elastic Volumes feature for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). This new capability allows you to modify configurations of live volumes with a simple API call or a few console clicks. Elastic Volumes makes it easy to dynamically increase capacity, tune performance, and change the type of any new or existing current generation volume with no downtime or performance impact.

另外提到一個特殊的組合,是配合 CloudWatchLambda 調整:

You can streamline and automate changes using Amazon CloudWatch with AWS Lambda.

這方法頗有趣的 XDDD

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