eBay 把 MongoDB 當 cache layer 的用法...

在「How eBay’s Shopping Cart used compression techniques to solve network I/O bottlenecks」這邊 eBay 描述了他們怎麼解決在 MongoDB 上遇到的問題,不過我看的是他們怎麼用 MongoDB,而不是這次解決的問題:

It’s easier to think of the MongoDB layer as a “cache” and the Oracle store as the persistent copy. If there’s a cache miss (that is, missing data in MongoDB), the services fall back to recover the data from Oracle and make further downstream calls to recompute the cart.

把 MongoDB 當作 cache layer,當 cache miss 的時候還是會回去底層的 Oracle 撈資料計算,這用法頗有趣的...

不拿 memcached 出來用的原因不知道是為什麼,是要找個有 HA 方案的 cache layer 嗎?還是有針對 JSON document 做判斷操作?

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  1. Dennis says:

    I guess because MongoDB is easier replicating and re-shard with active development?
    And not necessary everything in RAM speed/milliseconds, but reduce seconds to sub-second.

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