MyRocks 與 InnoDB 在 INSERT 效能的比較

MyRocksMark Callaghan 對 INSERT 效率整理出來的比較:「Insert benchmark, MyRocks and InnoDB」。

當資料比記憶體小的時候,InnoDB 效能比較好。但超過記憶體大小時就是 MyRocks 效能比較好。另外 InnoDB 在 MySQL 5.7 的效率比 5.6 好不少。

兩張圖來自相同資料,只是 x 軸不太一樣。

是從 16 台 client 裡面抽一台的量出來,這樣就可以解釋後面那段爬上來... (其他台跑完了,所以這台的 insert 速度變快了)

This is for data from one of the 16 clients rather than the global rate because my test script forgot to collect that.

While it is odd that the throughput rate for InnoDB 5.7 picks up at test end, that can occur if the thread I monitored ran longer than other threads and had less competition for HW resources near test end.

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