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Amazon CloudFront 前陣子宣佈了 two-tier 架構:「Announcing Regional Edge Caches for Amazon CloudFront」。

一般的 CDN 是 edge 收到後就打到 origin,這會使得 origin 的量比較大。而 two-tier 架構則是在中間疊一層降低對 origin 的量。這種架構對於直播時的 pattern 幫助很大:由於量很大,會需要用大量的 edge server 支撐,而 edge server 一多就對 origin 產生巨大的壓力。

一般直播 95% 的 hitrate 表示外面 20Gbps 的流量就會造成 origin 1Gbps 的流量,通常用 two-tier 可以拉到 98%+ (CDN vendor 有調整過可以到 99%+)。

這種技術在 Akamai 叫 Tiered Distribution,在 EdgeCast 叫 SuperPoP,而現在 CloudFront 也推出了,叫做 Regional Edge Cache:

The nine new Regional Edge Cache locations are in Northern Virginia, Oregon, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Sydney.

edge 會先到這幾個 regional edge 再到 origin:

These locations sit between your origin webserver and the 68 global edge locations that serve traffic directly to your viewers.


Regional Edge Caches are turned on by default for your CloudFront distributions; you do not need to make any changes to your distributions to take advantage of this feature. There are also no additional charges to use this feature.

不過這個架構對於 latency 應該不會太好,沒得關閉有點奇怪...

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